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MCS-LA analytical scale

MCS-LA analytical scale

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The MCS-LA is an analytical scale designed to weigh in laboratories and other scenarios that require special rigor.

Available with a capacity of 200 or 500 grams and a division of 0,001g, this scale has the function of tare and counting pieces and allows weighing in 21 types of weight units.

Designed for samples of reduced size and weight, it is presented with a protective glass chapel with stainless steel structure and sliding doors. This prevents factors such as wind and vibrations from interfering with weighing, giving more precision to the process.

With a robust and durable body and equipped with a rechargeable battery, an LCD display and an RS232 door that allows connection to peripherals, it is a simple and practical analytical scale.

Increase the accuracy of your weighing with our MCS-LA scale.